On a ship a large amount of cooling is usually required. This is traditionally achieved using sea water. Through contact with unrefined sea water in conjunction with heat, it always comes back to fouling by organic material such as barnacles, algae and other microorganisms. Our products are aimed at preventing this fouling. Our products do not only apply to the cooling devices, but also on all other surfaces in permanent or temporary contact with water can be treated...more

Wherever large amount of water finds its apllication there is a wide variety of organic and inorganic deposits. Whether in cooling, water storage or transport, it creates many types of vegetation that can be mostly avoided or removed only by mechanical cleaning or the use of chemicals. Our products prevent, without using biocides and with sustainable effect, the development of biofilm, mold and bacteria and reduce the formation of limestone and corrosion...more

Biofilm occurs whenever large quantities of natural liquids are stored or find its through flow. Biofilm is usually associated with the presence of bacteria and algae, leading to blockages in pipes and watering systems and the contamination of drinking water and food . As the use of chemicals in the feed and livestock industry is especially problematic, we offer a pollution free solution. This works without biocides and with sustainable effect...more